Why doesn't Techniblock feature a 5-star rating?

Why doesn't Techniblock feature a 5-star rating?

We are often asked why the Techniblock can doesn't show a 5-star rating symbol on the packaging.  

The 5-star rating system is a Boots marketing initiative and is applied to sun care products that are sold within their retail stores and suppliers wishing to display this on their packaging pay a license fee to Boots.  

As Techniblock is a South African sunscreen, this is not something that is subscribed to, but this doesn't mean that the product is in any way inferior.

The most important symbol to look for on any sunscreen is the UV symbol.  Sun protection with the UVA/UVB symbol has passed stringent testing and conform to the strict industry standards.

In addition, Techniblock has been endorsed by CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) as a preventative measure against the harmful effects of UV exposure.

CANSA’s Seal of Recognition (CSOR) is placed on products that offer protection against natural environmental elements that may lead to cancer, such as solar radiation.  Techniblock is recommended by CANSA which confirms that it adheres to all EU/UK standards and SANS 1557:2013 Edition 3.2 (incorporating the new ISO standards).

The packaging displays the CANSA SunSmart Choice Seal (CSSS) confirming that the formula has passed the protection requirements required in order to qualify for this seal.

CANSA recommends choosing a sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection and an SPF of at least 30 to 50. An additional mark of quality is the PA rating (Protection Grade of UVA) and Techniblock carries the maximum currently available, PA ++++

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