What's the best sun protection for water sports?

What's the best sun protection for water sports?

Sun protection is vital for people who enjoy water sports. You’re in the sun, on and in the water, having a great time, but there’s no escaping the fact that you’re exposing yourself to the sun’s damaging UV rays for long periods of time. Water reflects and intensifies sunlight and UV rays penetrates water for several meters.  Even on cloudy days, UV is everywhere so you should still take care and ensure you are protecting your skin.

Techniblock’s Wet & Dry was developed specifically with water enthusiasts in mind.  It’s like the Active Performance range in that it is a clear, ultra-light and non-greasy spray that absorbs quickly and easily into the skin and is very resistant to water and sweat.  However, the Wet & Dry spray is not only applied to dry skin, as normal, but it can also be applied to wet skin, which makes topping up your sun protection quick and easy.

Whether you’re sailing, kayaking, paddle-boarding or spending prolonged periods of time in the water, swimming, snorkeling or diving, a good quality water-resistant sunscreen is vital and Wet & Dry is ideal.

The absence of oils and emulsifiers, which traditionally break down in water, gives Wet & Dry its longevity.  The UV filters are encapsulated in an ethanol-based spray that provides an almost transparent but highly effective barrier without any sticky residue.  Plus, it’s reef-friendly and cruelty-free, making it as kind to the environment as it is to your skin.

Techniblock’s unique Wet & Dry sunscreen is available in SPF 50 and (coming soon) SPF 30 and provides lasting, hypoallergenic sun protection for all skin types, including sensitive skin prone to prickly heat rash.

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